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Pale Blue Dot Cover idea 2 by Mechatherium Pale Blue Dot Cover idea 2 :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 1 4 Pale Blue Dot Cover idea 1 by Mechatherium Pale Blue Dot Cover idea 1 :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 0 0 Pale Blue Dot by Mechatherium Pale Blue Dot :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 6 0 11/22/63 by Mechatherium 11/22/63 :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 2 2 Would You Wear This Shirt? by Mechatherium Would You Wear This Shirt? :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 0 0 Man Was Meant to Kill? by Mechatherium
Mature content
Man Was Meant to Kill? :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 2 3
Would You Wear this Shirt? 2 by Mechatherium Would You Wear this Shirt? 2 :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 1 0
What I've Read: All Yesterdays
All Yesterdays: Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals
by John Coseway, C. M. Kosemen, and Darren Naish.
Since before this book came out in print this was an Internet sensation, and now I finally get to read it I understand why. The book is not long, only 104 pages, but it doesn't need to be to convey its simple, powerful idea: how little we actually know about dinosaurs and other fossil beasts like plesiosaurs and pterosaurs. When reconstructing the living appearance of these animals, we are usually guilty of pretending knowledge we don't really have, particularly about living appearance, diet, habits, ecology, etc. Furthermore, reconstructions tend to bow both to conservatism--rarely do reconstructors speculate beyond what is patently shown by fossil evidence--and to fad and fashion, as in Paul's "shrink-wrapped" dinsosaur reconstrctuons. (they certainly had more "meat" on their bones than Paul shows!)
The book is in two major sectio
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Srsly???!!?? by Mechatherium Srsly???!!?? :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 0 3 Izu's New Look by Mechatherium Izu's New Look :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 0 0 Priceless by Mechatherium Priceless :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 0 8
Don't Forget a Soldier This Veterans' Day!
Dont Forget a Soldier
Words and music 2012 by D. A. Smith.
All Rights Reserved.

Don't forget a soldier When you say "I'm free"
There are men who died—just like Jesus Christ
To protect the lives of you and me
Don't forget a soldier when you're walking down the street
Gotta keep the pride—keep hope and dreams alive
And help others in their fight to be free
Hooraah! Hooraah!
Hooraah! Hooraah!
Don't forget a soldier as they fight for freedom and liberty
Proudly sacrifice so we can live a life that is true
Stand up now for the Red, White and Blue
Hooraah! Hooraah!
Hooraah! Hooraah!
Don't forget a soldier—
Don't forget a soldier—
Don't forget a soldier—
When you say "I'm free."
:iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 7 1
The 9/11 Project Web Site Mockup #7 by Mechatherium The 9/11 Project Web Site Mockup #7 :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 0 0 The 9/11 Project Web Site Mockup #6 by Mechatherium The 9/11 Project Web Site Mockup #6 :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 0 0 The 9/11 Project Web Site Mockup #5 by Mechatherium The 9/11 Project Web Site Mockup #5 :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 0 0 The 9/11 Project Web Site Mockup #4 by Mechatherium The 9/11 Project Web Site Mockup #4 :iconmechatherium:Mechatherium 0 0


Ammonia World by Ittiz Ammonia World :iconittiz:Ittiz 77 32 Gamer Kitty by Zombiesmile Gamer Kitty :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 5,058 342 Torrid by ART5EC Torrid :iconart5ec:ART5EC 61 6 The Doomsday device by PenUser The Doomsday device :iconpenuser:PenUser 62 11
Proud Warrior Race Guy Morality
I've had a flash of inspiration on how an alien morality might work. In this case, it is the morality of the "proud warrior race" we normally see in fiction. However, instead of just spewing out "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" or "TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE," this is an entire system of morality that applies on and off the battlefield, and doesn't carelessly demand martial virtue in everything. 
I think it would be useful to present an example of this morality in the modern context: someone operating under PWR morality would hate Kim Kardashian more than ISIS. It is important to define what "hate" means here: it is not just action, or the cognition that something is detrimental, but a deep, gut, emotional reaction. This being may disagree with ISIS' methods and goals, and would not hesitate to destroy them because they are a threat to him and his, they are still "respectable" in that they put their lives on the line and work hard to accomplish their goals. While guerrilla warfare is eas
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 7 19
Bunny Rabbit by joulester Bunny Rabbit :iconjoulester:joulester 45 14 Indus Class Orthographic Views by Rekkert Indus Class Orthographic Views :iconrekkert:Rekkert 28 6 Skirmish in the Elbow of Bootes by Rekkert Skirmish in the Elbow of Bootes :iconrekkert:Rekkert 17 5 K667 STORM RAILGUN by konon667 K667 STORM RAILGUN :iconkonon667:konon667 32 11 Skeleton by juniorWoodchuck Skeleton :iconjuniorwoodchuck:juniorWoodchuck 38 29
Conlanging: A How-To
Are you the sort of person who looks at Elvish script and realizes with excitement that those gorgeous squiggles actually mean something?  When watching Avatar, did you find yourself trying to work out certain Na’vi words?  Have you ever wished you could make up your own language, whether as something to share with your friends when you were young, or else a deeper element to flesh out your personal universe?  If so, you’re damn weird.  But you’re also lucky, because this article for the layman is going to make your linguistic dreams a reality.
We’re going to talk about language.  More specifically, we’re going to talk about what happens when we take language apart into its little recognizable pieces, because it’s from these pieces of real, natural languages that we build our constructed languages, or conlangs.  Essentially, you’re going to get a crash-cours
:iconyitik:Yitik 256 162
A non-avian bird? by Dontknowwhattodraw94 A non-avian bird? :icondontknowwhattodraw94:Dontknowwhattodraw94 201 84
Three-Generations Rule
Listen, out in the belt, we do things differently. Not just from the Inner Worlds, but from each other. No two habitats are the same. We're all little islands of culture and history, separated by hundreds of thousands of kilometers of empty space. But the one thing that runs through all of us is the importance of maintenance. It has to. Where it didn't, habitats failed. Societies collapsed. People died. But it wasn't always like that. Enough failures ensured that trait was selected for.
Earthers don't get it. They have open sky. Free air. Stable ecology. Sure, they had to learn the hard way the importance of managing all of that on a planetary scale, and their society almost failed because of their negligence, but they really have it good down there. Our margin of error is smaller. Resources are more scarce. We've got to budget accordingly.
It's called the Three-Generation rule. Basically, people get lazy. They get used to the idea of having a stable ecosystem around them. They skimp o
:iconsmpritchard:SMPritchard 23 8
FAW Lundstrom : Lancer-Type Attack Vessel by prokhorvlg FAW Lundstrom : Lancer-Type Attack Vessel :iconprokhorvlg:prokhorvlg 136 16 The Atlantis Colony by YNot1989 The Atlantis Colony :iconynot1989:YNot1989 140 38 Fusion in a Bottle by francisdrakex Fusion in a Bottle :iconfrancisdrakex:francisdrakex 10 6




Riddle Me This:

Q: When is a a contest not a contest?
A: It's not a contest when Kickstarter says you can't run contests.

OK, enough word salad. Explanation time.

My friend, Dennis A. Smith has written his next album, The 9/11 Project. He just started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $60,000 dollars to get it produced and marketed. This will be Dennis' fourth album, so he knows what he's doing.

Because there's such a depth of talent on dA, as well as Flickr and Tumblr, I suggested we hold a contest where people could submit photos and artwork inspired by 9/11, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, personalities such as Karl Rove, former President George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, or President Obama; people they remember or lost, or whatever they found important or inspiring in the last ten years. The winners would get a prize as well as having their art used on the 9/11 Project album cover.

Then Kickstarter put the kibosh on that. In short, it was either Contest or Kickstarter, and that was really no choice.

BUT . . . .

While Kickstarter can forbid us from running a contest while our campaign is running, they cannot forbid us from asking our fellow deviants if they have any artwork, photos, fond memories (or sad ones) or even prayers they would like us to consider putting on the album cover.

There will be lots of room; the 9/11 Project album will contain three CDs containing eleven songs each along with a small booklet that will have the written lyrics to each song. If you're interested, you can read them here. You might even be "inspired." (hint! hint!)

We plan to use contributed art throughout the album packaging, as well as feature it on our blog. If you have any photos or artwork you think might look good in our upcoming album, please drop me or Dennis a note, a link, or email to 911project[at]lionsquarter[dot]com.

Since this is not a contest, we are offering no prizes, save our thanks and, naturally, credit where credit is due. Nonetheless, there are some rules as to contributions, which you can go over here.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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